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Professional development for team members

While each individual is responsible for his or her career planning and growth, managers are important partners in supporting employees to reach their full potential.

Managers are expected to:

  • Initiate formal and informal conversations with employees focused on their professional development, providing guidance, leadership, and mentorship throughout the year
  • Enable growth for employees in their current roles, and when appropriate, prepare them for longer-term career movement. To achieve this, you should support the creation of a personalized development plan for your employees and enable their participation in experience, exposure and education opportunities
  • Encourage your staff to network and have informational meetings with colleagues to explore career opportunities
  • Direct employees to review career guidance steps
  • Support employee¬†involvement with campus work groups and share best workplace practices
  • Search for talent internally first. Please follow these best practices/guidelines to encourage internal development and movement
  • Identify successors for each member of your team
  • Think of career development success as the intersection of an employee who is aware and prepared for the next career opportunity just in time for the emergence of the organizational opportunity

Career Development Tools and Resources