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Stanford Manager Academy

Stanford Manager Academy

Enhancing the effectiveness of staff managers at all levels of experience and creating a community of managers across the university.


In the fall, winter and summer quarters, 90 participants are nominated to participate in one of three 30-person cohorts. These individuals are interested in developing their foundational managerial skills for optimal impact in their leadership role.

Selection & Eligibility

To ensure that all departments are represented in each cohort, employees are nominated to participate by their local human resources team.

Participants must be staff members who manage at least one full-time benefits-eligible employee and have been in their current managerial role for at least six months.


Stanford Manager Academy gives managers opportunities to learn new ways to address their most critical managerial challenges, share ideas with other managers across the university, and drive their own ongoing development.

Over a three-week span, participants attend two, two-day workshops. They also attend two presentations led by Stanford University faculty. Participants receive 360-degree feedback, 1:1 coaching, and on-the-job application of workshop models and concepts.

After completing the program, participants join a network of over 1,400 alumni and have the opportunity to attend alumni sessions, brown-bag activities and additional workshops.

Program Schedule

Summer 2019 Fall 2019
  • Registration Deadline: May 17
  • Orientation: May 28 or 29
  • Drop Deadline: Jun. 3
  • 360 Survey Open: Jun. 3
  • 360 Survey Close: Jun. 22
  • Faculty Pres. 1: Jun. 26
  • Cohort 70: Jul. 9-10, 25-26
  • Cohort 71: Jul. 16-17, Aug. 1-2
  • Cohort 72: Jul. 23-24, Aug. 8-9
  • Faculty Pres. 2: TBD
  • Registration Deadline: Aug. 30
  • Orientation: Sept. 3 or 4
  • Drop Deadline: Oct. 20
  • 360 Survey Open: Sept. 9
  • 360 Survey Close: Sept. 27
  • Faculty Pres. 1: TBD
  • Cohort 73: Oct. 15-16, 31- Nov. 1
  • Cohort 74: Oct. 22-23, Nov. 7-8
  • Cohort 75: Oct. 29-30, Nov. 14-15
  • Faculty Pres. 2: TBD