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#CardinalConnect: Make Wellness a Team Effort

Group of staff at GSB

Exercise and wellness activities offer a great opportunity to build connections with colleagues and release stress, and have fun. From lunch-time trail walks to calming team yoga sessions, there are many ways to engage with your colleagues through activities that can promote a happier, healthier and more productive work environment.

Amanda Cretcher, Executive Education Program Manager in the Graduate School of Business, knows firsthand the value of team wellness. Since 2015, she has served as a Healthy Work Ambassador (HWA) through BeWell’s Healthy Work Environment (HWE) program. HWE is a flexible, customized 10-week wellness program that lets teams choose activities to complete together. Additionally, HWE members are eligible for a $100 incentive per year.

“Being an ambassador allows me to motivate others, while helping to make a positive change in people’s lives,” said Amanda. “HWE groups offer a unique opportunity to build close connections with your colleagues as you embark on wellness goals together as a team. There is a special camaraderie that is built, and the energy is contagious.” 

An HWE group is a great way to make team wellness a priority. According to Amanda, the BeWell team offers great support and makes the process fun and seamless. 

Starting a HWE group may help you get your team moving together.  Here are three additional activities to consider:

1. Team Walking Challenge

Walking is an activity that the majority of team members may enjoy (and it’s free).  There are plenty of beautiful walking trails on and off campus to enjoy. Consider a team stroll to Lake Lagunita behind Roble Hall (the normally dry lake is now full thanks to this winter’s record rainfall). Consider a team goal to walk a specific number of steps each week.

2. Weeding for Wellness

Instead of sitting in a team meeting, start the day off at the O'Donohue Family Educational Farm for a calming Weeding for Wellness session. Gather the team for some light stretching and therapeutic weeding; you can have your meeting while pulling weeds. Free sessions are offered every Thursday morning.

3. Wellness on Wheels

The Health Improvement Program (HIP) Wellness on Wheels (WOW) program can bring many of the exciting fitness and healthy living classes offered each quarter directly to your worksite.  Consider a weekly team yoga session or Zumba class. Teams can take advantage of the Healthy Department option that invites departments to sponsor and pay for a HIP-WoW class.

To become a Healthy Work Ambassador or for more information, view BeWell’s Healthy Work Environment program.

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