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Pilot Workplace Community Tours Available through August 11

Stanford Redwood City’s Pilot Workplace opened in March at 3160 Porter Drive, providing schools/units scheduled to move to the new campus a two-week period to test and experience the new, open work environment.

Photo of the pilot workspace

The Pilot Workplace integrates collaborative open space, unassigned meeting areas, conference rooms, enclosed offices and individual workstations to allow for a flexible and brighter workspace.

In addition to the assigned pilot user groups, community tours allow members of our community the chance to walk thorough and observe the Pilot Workplace in action. Tour participants are encouraged to provide feedback about the future workplace design.

Community Tours Available Through August 11

All 10 of the community tours scheduled from March through June are full to capacity. To accommodate interest and those who placed their names on a waitlist, new community tours have been added.

The community tours begin on July 31 through August 11. Led by Stanford Redwood City Advisory Committee members, select 45-minute tours are available from 8:30am – 9:15am or 4:00pm- 4:45pm on a first-come, first-served basis.

Advance registration is required on STARS. The tours are open to all benefits-eligible employees.

About Stanford Redwood City

Stanford Redwood City is Stanford’s first major expansion from the original campus in over 125 years. The new 35-acre campus, targeted to open in 2019, will initially include four building complexes and will be the workplace for approximately 2,700 staff employees whose jobs are important to supporting the university's mission.

Stanford Redwood City