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New Paycheck Modeler Now in Axess

Whether you anticipate changes to your earnings or need to adjust your tax withholding information or retirement savings (or other) contributions, a new Paycheck Modeler is now available in Axess to help you estimate your net (take home) pay. 

Using values from your last paycheck, the new tool guides you through a series of steps to quickly explore what-if scenarios around paycheck-related changes, such as:

  • Changing your filing status from single to married
  • Making adjustments to your earnings, tax deductions to see how it affects your overall paycheck
  • Determining how new health care contribution amounts impact your taxes and net pay
  • Estimating how an increase in your retirement savings contribution impacts your taxes and net pay

The Paycheck Modeler can be found in the Employee Center tab of Axess (under Pay). The self-service tool is part of an upgrade focused on HR-related functions.

Explore the Paycheck Modeler in Axess »  

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