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Welcome Center staff assists new hires during orientation
June 3, 2015 | Posted In: Manage & Lead
Stanford's redesigned orientation is a daylong program created to welcome new employees to the university on their first day at work. Departments across the university, including human resources, information technology services and parking and transportation, work together to ensure that new hires...
Female nurse in blue scrubs serving breakfast to woman resting on sofa.
May 24, 2015 | Posted In: Benefits & Rewards, WorkLife
Benefits-eligible staff are now able to find emergency and back-up child and elder care through the Back-Up Care Advantage Program provided by one of the WorkLife Office’s partners, Bright Horizons. If your regularly scheduled dependent care provider is unavailable, Bright Horizons can  help you...
Performance written on blackboard with measuring ruler
May 24, 2015 | Posted In: Learn & Grow, Manage & Lead
Year-end reviews, annual performance appraisals, annual review year…it doesn’t matter what you call them, they generally stress people out. What if you could prepare for and have a constructive year-end conversation that includes feedback, coaching, and recognition? All employees -- managers and...
Male staffer brainstorming
May 22, 2015 | Posted In: Learn & Grow, Manage & Lead
When working with others to produce stellar results, whether it’s a project team, your departmental co-workers, or a cross-discipline committee, collaboration quickly becomes a key skill. When considering team effectiveness, it can be useful to evaluate results, process, and relationships as three...
Close up of a red apple in one hand and a green apple in the other
April 28, 2015 | Posted In: Benefits & Rewards, Health
Through programs like BeWell and the Health Improvement Program (HIP), it's easier than ever for Stanford employees to embrace physical activity and healthy living practices. Now, evidence suggests your state of mind plays a critical role in your overall wellness, and it’s not surprising that what...