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Stanford Redwood City Pilot Workplace Now Open

Photo of the RWC Pilot Workspace

When we open Stanford Redwood City in 2019, you can expect the same architectural aesthetics and amenities found on main campus from sandstone buildings and intimate courtyards, to an onsite fitness/recreation and childcare center to cafes.


The 35-acre campus will house four building complexes, which will be the workplace for approximately 2,700 staff employees whose jobs are important to supporting the university's mission.

In preparation for building design, in 2016, Clive Wilkinson architects (CWa) conducted surveys and focus group sessions to gather feedback and identify the needs of our diverse workforce. The surveys and focus groups helped CWa identify four guiding principles, which will influence our future workplace design:

  1. Embodies the Stanford Ethos
  2. Promotes a Healthy Environment
  3. Accommodates Flexibility
  4. Connects People and Place

The building design is an iterative process. Under the direction of the Redwood City Advisory Group, CWa created a Pilot Workplace that allows employees to test and experience the new, open work environment. The Pilot Workplace integrates collaborative open space, unassigned meeting areas, conference rooms, enclosed offices and individual workstations to allow for flexibility and a brighter work environment.

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Pilot Workplace Now Open Through July

The Pilot Workplace is located in Stanford Research Park at 3160 Porter Drive. Open March 13 through July, the Pilot Workplace allows future Redwood City user groups of 33 staff to work and test the space in two-week periods.

Pilot user groups include staff from School of Medicine, Office of the Vice Provost for Teaching & Learning, Stanford Law School Office of Career Services, Business Affairs & CFO, University Human Resources, Office of Development and Medical Center Development, Residential & Dining Enterprises and Land, Buildings & Real Estate.

Those not designated to work in the Pilot Workplace will have an opportunity to visit by coordinating meetings with colleagues piloting the space or participating in an upcoming Community Tour.

Pilot Workplace Community Tours

To engage the Stanford community in the workplace design process, a series of hosted Pilot Workplace Community Tours are scheduled through July. Pending interest, additional Community Tours may be scheduled. The Community Tours are limited to 25 people to ensure the Pilot Workplace remains a productive work environment for the participants.

Ten Community Tours are offered from 11:30 am to 12:15 pm on the following Wednesdays:

  • March 22 (this tour is closed)
  • April 5 and April 19 (this tour is closed)
  • May 3, May 17 and May 31 (these tours are full)
  • June 14 and June 28 (these tours are full)
  • July 12 and July 26

Anyone from the Stanford community may register for a tour. Registration is on STARS (search for "Pilot Workplace Tour").

Register for Community Tour on STARS

Pilot Workplace Feedback

Those testing the Pilot Workplace are given the opportunity to tryout the different spaces, including the phone room to make a private call, the sofa lounge to collaborate with colleagues, or meeting rooms of various sizes which all use the latest videoconferencing technology.

Both user groups and those participating in a Community Tour are encouraged to provide feedback about their experience. The data CWa collects from the Pilot Workplace will be used to finalize workplace design plans and Stanford Redwood City furniture needs.

Questions about Stanford Redwood City?

Submit your workplace-related questions or share your ideas for our new campus by using the Stanford Redwood City online form.

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