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iPad Resources

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As you continue your onboarding journey, access the many links below for useful information, guidance, resources and tools when time is right for you.

Systems & Compliance

  • Axess: Stanford's primary single sign-on portal used for frequently accessed personal information and other enterprise systems
  • StanfordWho: Stanford's public-facing directory for locating people of Stanford and their contact information
  • StanfordYou: Stanford's internal-facing directory used to maintain your personal listing and other information
  • Accounts: Maintain your SUNet ID account, Password, Two-step Authentication, and take the Information Security Awareness Training
  • Webmail: Access your Stanford e-mail anywhere using an Internet browser and your two-step authentication

Benefits & Rewards

  • Benefits & Rewards: Access to learn all about your health and retirement benefits
  • Medical & Life: Learn about the wide-range of medical and life plan options
  • Comparison Tool: Use this tool to compare medical and dental plans, as well as plan costs
  • Change Your Benefits: Update or change your benefits when you experience a life event or during annual open enrollment
  • Health & Life Overview Videos: Watch a variety of videos to help you learn more about Stanford's benefits and resources

Parking & Commuting

  • Parking & Transportation Services (P&TS): Learn about the Stanford Commute Club and other resources for employees
  • Commute Options: Learn about sustainable and healthy low-stress commute options for employees
  • New Parking Management System: Learn about Stanford's new parking management system that should make parking on campus easier and more flexible
  • Order or Apply: Use online ordering to enroll in the Commute Club or purchase a parking permit or to take advantage of pre-tax payroll deductions for transit passes and permits
  • Ridematching Services: Use ridematching services to find other Bay Area commuters going your way
  • Real-Time Marguerite Information: Get up-to-the-minute information about bus locations and estimated arrival times for most Marguerite line
  • Charging Stations: Find the various electric vehicle charging stations on campus, as well as the fees associated
  • Transit Updates: Get the latest information from Bay Area transit agencies

BeWell & Recreation

  • BeWell Program: Learn about the employee incentive program that encourages Stanford employees and their families to live a healthy lifestyle
  • Perks: Learn about the great perks, including access to free Stanford athletic events, workshops, fitness assessments and personal training sessions
  • Events: Learn about the upcoming events and how to participate fully in the program
  • Recreation: Learn about Physical Education and Recreation who offer a wide range of high quality programs to support physical fitness, health and well being


  • My Cardinal Green Incentive Program: Learn about resources and opportunities to minimize your environmental impact and maximize your sustainability efforts
  • Sustainable Stanford: Learn about what Stanford is doing to lead sustainability by example, and do your part as a campus citizen
  • Zero Waste Guidelines: Learn about the flyers and labels that you can download and print to educate yourself and others on waste reduction, recycling, and composting
  • Cardinal Green Labs: Learn about the program aims to provide¬†resources specifically tailored for laboratories to help them operate as sustainably as possible
  • Stanford Water: Learn about the engineering, operation and maintenance of the water distribution, sanitary sewer system, with a focus on sustainability
  • Resources and Fact Sheets: Learn about the mission to incorporate sustainability into all aspects of campus life and best practices guides

Professional Development