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Start Retirement Savings

After your first paycheck, start planning for your future by enrolling in Stanford's Contributory Retirement Plan.

Take Action: Steps to Enroll in Stanford Retirement Savings Benefit

Review Information about Stanford's Retirement Plan

The Stanford Contributory Retirement Plan (SCRP) has two accounts that enable you to save for your retirement.

View details about the SCRP

Set Up an Account

After receiving your first paycheck, you can enroll in the Tax-Deferred Account (TDA) of the SCRP and start making contributions from your paycheck.

After one year of service, you become eligible to receive Stanford contributions to the Contributory Retirement Account (CRA) of the SCRP. Stanford will automatically enroll you in CRA, at a contribution rate of 4% of your pay, on the first of the month after your anniversary date. When you are enrolled in CRA and contribute at least 4% of your pay, Stanford adds a 5% Matching Contribution. If you wish to change your 4% contribution, you must contact Fidelity Investments at (888) 793-8733 or visit

Regardless of which account you contribute to, you are always fully vested in the contributions you make and those you receive from Stanford.

Visit the Cardinal at Work Benefits & Rewards website for information about how to enroll

W-2 Electronic Consent

Go into Axess and within Employee Center, scroll down to Taxes and consent to having your W-2 sent to electronically each year.

Go to the Axess