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Manager Resources

These resources will help you understand your role and the role of the Welcome Center in onboarding your new staff hire.

The Welcome Center reduces the burden on local HR teams and helps enable your new hire to be work-ready beginning on day two. Take advantage of the resources below for a smooth and successful onboarding experience for your new hire, which benefits you, your organization and the university.

Orientation Dates

The Welcome Center orientation occurs every Monday, except when a university holiday falls on a Monday, then orientation will move to the next business day.

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New Hire Eligibility

The Welcome Center is for new staff, including bargaining unit and academic staff, who are benefits-eligible, have successfully completed a Stanford background check, and whose first day of work is on the day of a Welcome Center orientation.

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New Hire Enrollment

All it takes is a completed enrollment form from your school or unit HR team and the Welcome Center will handle the rest.

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HR Team Resources

The Welcome Center takes care of several transactional and operational items in the onboarding process, and introduces new staff hires to many of the resources and benefits available to them as a Stanford employee.

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Review some of the most common questions regarding onboarding at the Welcome Center.

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