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New Hire Emails

Upon accepting an offer of employment at Stanford, new staff will begin to receive four important email communications from the Welcome Center, beginning with their Welcome Center invitation. The three remaining emails are designed to provide new hires with useful information, instructions and resources—right when they need it.

Email Communications

Timing Description of Email Communication
Upon making a formal offer of employment* An offer letter is generated by the hiring manager and HR manager.

Email #1

Welcome Center Invitation

Sent to new hires from 8 days to 2 days prior to Welcome Center Orientation.

Email #2

Items to Complete Your First Week...

Sent to new hires the day after their Welcome Center Orientation.

Email #3

A Few Important Reminders...

Sent to new hires one week after email #2.

Email #4

Additional Helpful Resources and Tools...

Sent to new hires one week after email #3.

*This step is done by the Hiring Manager or other HR Team member.