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BeWell & Healthy Living

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Through Stanford BeWell, you have access to personalized support for your well-being, including 1:1 coaching, classes, a state-of-the-art employee wellness platform, and more.

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Build Healthy Habits

As a benefits-eligible university employee, you can personalize your wellness experience and start earning incentives (up to $560 per program year) through this popular employee program. Here’s how:

Track your activity and get inspired in the wellness platform

Through our online platform and mobile app, you’ll find a science-backed approach to behavior change, emphasizing the creation of tiny habits. From here, you can find opportunities to earn points toward your incentive, personalized to your interests.

Champion physical wellness at work

Join a highly engaged group of your peers as an advocate for healthy behavior and self-care within your department or workgroup, in exchange for exclusive perks, resources, and opportunities to earn extra points toward your incentive throughout the year.

Register for Healthy Living classes and other offerings

Healthy Living, the educational component of BeWell, offers evidence-based classes, apps, and coaching on topics like nutrition, mindfulness, resilience, prevention, and more, as well as on-demand webinars available for viewing at any time. 

With virtual and in-person classes, you can participate from wherever you are. All offerings are either free or STAP-approved and eligible for BeWell incentive points.

Join us for community events

Each year we host popular events for faculty and staff, including Cardinal Walk and the Wellness Fairs.