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Children's Center of the Stanford Community (CCSC)

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MONDAY - FRIDAY 7:30 A.M. - 6:00 P.M. | 650-721-0101 | VISIT WEBSITE

The Children’s Center of the Stanford Community (CCSC) is a non-profit parent participation (cooperative) program offering part- and full-time early childhood learning programs. Parent participation is encouraged in their child’s classroom for a reduced tuition fee. CCSC is grounded in the belief that children are competent, curious, and resourceful learners. CCSC is open to university affiliates.

How CCSC Works

  • CCSC is a non-profit program supported through fundraising.
  • There is a strong emphasis on parental involvement, where parents and educators are partners in the experiences and education of children.
  • CCSC fosters a sense of belonging in each classroom community.
  • The play-based curriculum is driven by children’s interests and explorations and is built to provoke creativity and wonder in a safe and supportive environment.
  • Educators value observation and documentation to inform and guide small group work.
  • The Craig Infant Program (CIP) and Teeny Kids’ Place (TKP) are infant and toddler programs. These programs provide a consistent, predictable, and respectful environment and allow large amounts of time for play.
  • The Little Kids’ Place (LKP) and Big Kids’ Place (BKP) are programs for older toddlers and preschoolers. These programs emphasize child-initiated, adult-guided activities with emphasis on social growth, responsibility for oneself, and helping others.

Learn more about CCSC’s focus on parent participation

Classroom Designations

  • CCSC has capacity for 210 children and serves children ages eight weeks to five years.
  • Child capacity numbers are determined by the California Department of Social Services, Child Care Licensing Division and are based on the indoor/outdoor area to which the children will have access.
  • Of the 210 available spaces, below is a breakdown of the classroom size designations based on 100% enrollment:

Learn more about classroom designations

Waitlist Application and Process

  • Enrollment priority is given to faculty, students, postdocs, and university staff, respectively
  • You may submit your application online

Faculty, Staff, Students, Postdocs, and Visitors - Child care application page

Key Documents

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