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Child Care Subsidy Grant Program (CCSG)

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The Child Care Subsidy Grant Program (CCSG) provides grants to eligible university employees to assist with the cost of child care. 

Am I eligible to apply for CCSG?

You can apply for CCSG if you meet the following eligibility criteria: 

  •  A benefits-eligible employee in the U.S. who works at least 50% FTE
  • Have legal dependents under 13 years old
  • Have an annual household income of $216,000 or less.  

If your spouse, partner, or registered domestic partner is the parent of your child(ren) and you live in the same household, they must be full-time students, employed at least 20 hours/week, or disabled and unable to work. 

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I am eligible. What financial documentation do I need to prepare before I apply?

The financial documentation you need will depend on your IRS status. Please review the information thoroughly to make sure you are prepared for the application process. 

Please note: Gathering your financial information may be the most time consuming part of your application. Please review this section thoroughly before the deadline. 

See what financial documentation you will need to apply for CCSG

Ok. I am eligible and prepared. How do I apply?

What are eligible child care expenses under the CCSG grant?

Eligible expenses include:

  • Fees for licensed day care or adult care facilities
  • Before and after school care programs for dependents under age 13
  • Amounts child care provider with a tax ID number or social security number (including babysitters or nursery school) provided in or outside of your home
  • Nanny expenses attributed to dependent care
  • Nursery school (preschool) fees
  • Summer Day Camp
  • Late pick-up fees
  • Additional eligible expenses may be eligible, please check with Fidelity 
Now that the application is online, how will you be protecting my privacy?

The online application system meets Stanford’s rigorous online security requirements and ensures that sensitive personal and financial documents stay protected. Read the privacy statement here

I still have some questions.

This list of questions and answers covers further details, such as what happens to your grant if you go on leave, and how to check the status of your application. 

Frequently Asked Questions