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Faculty Child Care Assistance Program

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The Faculty Child Care Assistance Program (FCCAP) provides a salary supplement to eligible faculty to offset qualified childcare expenses.

How does FCCAP work?

Once a year, eligible faculty can apply online for a salary supplement. Once approved, they can apply for reimbursement for qualified childcare expenses once they have been incurred. Reimbursement claims are processed up to five times per year. Please note that faculty with a household income of $216,000 or less should first apply to CCSG.

Am I eligible to apply for FCCAP?

The program is available to The Professoriate (i.e., Full, Tenure Line Faculty, Non-Tenure Line Faculty in the University Medical Line or Academic Council). Please see Faculty Handbook Definition in Section 1.2.5

Academic Staff and Other Teaching Titles, including Clinician Educators, Adjunct Professors, Acting Professors and Visiting Professors are not eligible for this program. See Faculty Handbook Definitions in Sections 1.2.11 and 1.2.12.

You can apply for FCCAP if you meet the following eligibility criteria: 

  • Have legal dependents under 13 years old
  • Have a household income of less than $262,149.

Spouses, partners (with whom you share a household and who is the parent of your child(ren)), and registered domestic partners must be full-time students, employed at least 50% FT (20 hours/week), or disabled and unable to work. New faculty members have a 12-month grace period for their spouse/partner to meet employment requirements as long as they are looking for employment (previously six months).

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Ok, I am eligible. How do I apply?

Online applications for 2024 FCCAP are now open until November 10. Review the Application Process and Guidelines in more detail.

Apply here 

What are eligible child care expenses under the FCCAP?

Any type of care qualifies for reimbursement as long as it is provided by: 

  • A person or organization who can provide an SSN or ITIN for documentation purposes 
  • A person or organization who is being paid for taking care of your dependent, as documented by receipts that are submitted for reimbursement
  • A person who is not the employee’s legal dependent

These can include: 

  • Fees for licensed child care facilities
  • Before and after school care programs for dependents under age 13
  • Amounts child care provider with a tax ID number or social security number (including babysitters or nursery school) provided in or outside of your home
  • Nanny expenses attributed to dependent care
  • Nursery school (preschool) fees
  • Summer Day Camp
  • Late pick-up fees
Now that the application is online, how will you be protecting my privacy?

The new system meets Stanford’s rigorous online security requirements and ensures that sensitive personal and financial documents stay protected. Read the privacy statement here.

I still have some questions.

This list of questions and answers covers further details, such as what happens to your grant if you go on leave. You can also submit a Help ticket under “Financial Assistance".

Frequently Asked Questions