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Academic Staff-Teaching dependent care policy

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the caregiving landscape continues to be challenging for those with young children and/or elder care obligations. While Academic Staff-Teaching and their department chairs or program administrators are encouraged to work together to explore creative solutions to support one another, including alternative flexible work arrangements, the University recognizes that the pressures of blending work with child care or elder care responsibilities may be daunting.

To support employees with pressing child care or elder care issues during this period of unprecedented disruption, the University will work with employees to explore all feasible avenues to accommodate them. Accommodation may include different work schedules, different hours, or working in a different manner. Such flexibility for Academic Staff-Teaching should be supported by program directors, department chairs, and/or school deans to the fullest extent possible. If such accommodations are insufficient or cannot be made, other avenues can be explored, including but not limited to:

  • A short leave of absence with pay or periods of time-off with pay on a weekly basis (generally not to exceed 10% of the FTE hours each week in fall quarter: 9/1/20 - 12/21/20)
  • A voluntary reduction in FTE with approval (Note: this may affect benefits eligibility; please contact the University HR Service Team at 650-736-2985 for further information)
  • Unpaid leave (note: this may affect benefits eligibility; please contact the University HR Service Team at 650-736-2985 for further information)
  • Application for state and/or federal programs, where applicable, including unemployment insurance benefits that cover wages lost due to child care responsibilities

Effective dates

September 1, 2020, through December 21, 2020*

*This year, Winter Close begins on December 14, 2020. You may continue to be eligible under this policy for the week of December 14 if your department is unable to close the week of December 14 and you are scheduled to work.

Other details

Members of the Academic Staff-Teaching should discuss scheduling arrangements with their department chair or program director in advance. Such arrangements are subject to departmental/program approval. It is expected that one's academic responsibilities are taken into consideration when scheduling time off. The Academic Staff-Teaching member should work with their program director or department chair to develop a mutually satisfactory plan to ensure that family responsibilities and the program/department’s instructional obligations can both be met. Supporting documentation may be required to be provided at the dean or manager’s request.

The University also understands that for some employees, the flexibility outlined above may not be adequate to meet all of their responsibilities. Members of the Academic Staff-Teaching who find themselves encountering unsurmountable difficulties or who are unable to work should discuss their situations with their department chair or program director. In some cases, there may be no alternative other than an unpaid leave or resignation. 

Employees who are additionally facing care responsibilities for themselves or for an immediate family member who may be sick should use any benefits that are applicable: workers’ compensation, disability, family temporary disability, and unemployment insurance benefits. 


  • Benefits-eligible Academic Staff-Teaching, full- or part-time. 
  • To be used to care for elders and legal dependent children

More Information

Please contact your departmental Human Resources Manager, Faculty Affairs Officer or Program Director.