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Caregiving pay for child and elder care

Updated 10/13/20

The caregiving landscape continues to be challenging for those with very young children and elder care obligations. While employees and managers are encouraged to work together to explore creative solutions to support one another, including alternative work arrangements (e.g., part-time, work outside of "regular hours", etc.), the university recognizes the pressures of blending work with child care or elder care responsibilities.

To support employees with child care or elder care circumstances during a period of unprecedented disruption, the university will offer caregiving pay, available from September 1 through December 21. This interim policy provides 60 hours of paid time to regular benefits-eligible staff only, to be used to care for elders and legal dependent children. After an eligible staff member exhausts the 60 hours of paid time, they may:

  • Voluntarily reduce FTE with manager approval

  • Use vacation/PTO

  • Take an unpaid leave

  • Apply for state and/or federal programs, where applicable, including unemployment insurance benefits that cover wages lost due to child care responsibilities

Effective date

September 1, 2020, through December 21, 2020*

*This year, Winter Close begins on December 14, 2020. You may be eligible to apply Caregiving Pay for the week of December 14 if your department is unable to close the week of December 14, you are scheduled to work, and you meet the eligibility criteria for Caregiving Pay.

Other details

  • If an eligible staff member does not use the full allocation by December 21, 2020, the hours are forfeited and do not roll over into 2021.

  • Scheduling arrangements should be discussed with your manager in advance and are subject to manager approval.

  • Supporting documentation may be required to be provided at the manager’s request.

  • Exempt employees may use at least one hour of caregiving pay and in half-hour increments thereafter on any given day.

  • Employees should use sick time accruals when caring for ill family members and any benefits that are applicable: workers’ compensation, disability, and unemployment insurance benefits. Sick time accruals may not be used for caring for well children/family members.

  • Caregiving hours are individual to each employee and cannot be transferred or shared with other employees.


  • “Regular employees” are defined as benefits-eligible employees, full- or part-time, whether exempt or non-exempt, who are required to record work time. 

  • The number of hours allocated to the employee will be prorated based on the employee’s full-time equivalent (FTE) on September 1, 2020. If the employee’s FTE is adjusted after September 1, 2020, the balance will not be adjusted.

  • Employees hired between September 2, 2020 and December 21, 2020 will receive a prorated grant of 15 hours per month. A month is counted if the employee is expected to work at least half of that month.

  • Each eligible employee in a household may utilize caregiving pay.

SLAC employees: Policies may differ from those stated here due to our regulatory environment; please view the policies posted in the SLAC Intranet.

Academic Staff-Teaching: To support you with pressing child care and elder care issues, please refer to the Academic Staff-Teaching dependent care policy.

Timekeeping process

Visit Fingate for details.