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Internet & cell phone stipend

Telecommuting employees are not typically eligible for these stipends. However, in light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and extended requirement to telecommute to the fullest extent possible, all employees who are required to perform work from home are eligible to receive a stipend for either personal cell phone use and/or home internet services. This stipend is only provided where such services are reasonable and necessary for you to perform your duties. Approval from your responsible manager and local senior human resources manager, or each of their respective designees, is required.

You may request a stipend for the duration of time you are required to work from home.


Shelter-in-place teleworkers, including regular benefits-eligible exempt and non-exempt staff, and contingent employees (i.e., temporary and casual) who have submitted a temporary telecommuting agreement. Stipends for part-time employees may be prorated in keeping with their regular schedule’s percentage of a full-time equivalent (FTE).

SLAC employees: Policies may differ from those stated here due to our regulatory environment; please view the policies posted in the SLAC Intranet.

Stipends available

  • In circumstances where a department uses an internet application for real-time communications (such as Slack or Jabber), then a personal cell phone stipend may be unnecessary and a decision to provide only the home internet stipend would be appropriate.
  • If you have been issued a Stanford cell phone with tethering, you may be able to use your phone as a WiFi hotspot as a backup. Depending on the nature of your work, use of an already-available hotspot may be all that is required, and neither stipend may be necessary.
  • If you have a personal cell phone you use for Stanford business, you may be eligible for the personal cell phone stipend and should check with your manager to determine if this stipend is necessary during the shelter-in-place.
  • If you believe the stipends being provided are insufficient to cover work-related expenses during the shelter-in-place, you can submit a request for additional reimbursements to your manager and Stanford will determine whether any additional reimbursement is warranted.

How to get the stipends

  1. Speak with your manager to determine eligibility for either stipend.
  2. Once you have manager approval, you should complete the applicable form:
  3. Completed forms should be submitted to local HR departments for approval.
  4. For departments that have implemented the stipend on a department-wide basis, individual forms are not required, but the department should keep track of all Shelter- in-Place Teleworkers who are receiving the stipend so that it may be discontinued when the shelter-in-place order expires.