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Stanford Alternative Worksites


Alternative worksites or satellite locations are Stanford owned or leased premises, outside the main campus or Stanford Redwood City campus. In addition to telecommuting and flexible work hours, these worksites are an option to support flexible work arrangements.

In fall 2017, the President and Provost approved piloting an alternative worksite in San Jose as a near-term solution to mitigate critical workforce issues such as affordable housing near campus and long commute times.

In late summer 2018, university leaders approved the expansion of alternative worksites in Newark and San Francisco.

Alternative Worksites vs. Telecommuting

Below are the similarities and differences between alternative worksites and telecommuting:

Similarities differences
  • Supports workplace flexibility
  • A signed telecommute agreement is not required for alternative worksites
  • Managers set expectations regarding availability, accessibility and performance
  • Employee is limited to one day per week at an alternative worksite (due to space limitations)
  • Regular use of collaboration tools such as Jabber, Zoom, Slack and Google Drive are critical to support a virtual workplace
  • Alternative worksites provide an office environment with variety of workspace options and amenities, free of home distractions (i.e. noise, dog barking, competing priorities)