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April Blaine

Systems Administrator
Offices of the President and Provost
Years at Stanford: 
35 years

What I enjoyed most about my time at Stanford is . . .
I enjoyed working with my co-workers and the others I interact with daily, walking through the campus and working in a historic building.

What is your favorite place at Stanford and why?
When I was a student, I worked in the old Art building and the Gallery basement -- that was home, morning and night.  Then it was the Amy Blue Water Garden courtyard at 655 Serra Street.  For a time, my office window looked down on that peaceful and beautiful view.  Currently, it is the Owen House, one of the turn-of-the-century buildings moved during 2006. Working in it is truly inspiring.

Point of Pride: Tell us briefly about an event projects, program or initiative you were involved with at Stanford that you're most proud of.
Thirty-five years in the same office under many Department Directors, with new and different housing programs meant the job was constantly fresh and challenging.  The office name and responsibilities changed, but the concept of helping the Stanford family into housing has been something I am proud to participate in.

Leave your Legacy: What piece of guidance or advice would you give to a new hire to Stanford?
Be flexible. Know that nothing stays static here for very long.