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Debra Czerwinski

Life Sciences Research Professional
School of Medicine
Years at Stanford: 
30 years

What I enjoyed most about my time at Stanford is . . .
While here at Stanford, I mostly enjoyed the ability and chance to grow in knowledge and expertise in my field. Also, I've greatly enjoyed working side-by-side with brilliant men and women from all over the world, many who went on to become leaders in their fields.

What is your favorite place at Stanford and why?
My favorite place on campus has always been sitting by the fountain in front of the hospital and watching the ducks and especially the ducklings each spring.

Point of Pride: Tell us briefly about an event projects, program or initiative you were involved with at Stanford that you're most proud of.
Each time I'm able to present the work I and others have done here at Stanford at an international meeting fills me with a deep sense of pride of what I've accomplished and am able to contribute. However, my greatest pride comes from being able to say that, not only have I been here at Stanford for 30+ years, but I spent the entire time in the lab of Doctors Ronald and Shoshana Levy.

Leave your Legacy: What piece of guidance or advice would you give to a new hire to Stanford?
Where ever you are, what ever you are doing, find YOUR niche. Find that something that brings you pride and joy and then do the best you can; be the best that you can. And never let anyone say that "You're not smart enough," "You're not educated enough," or "You're not good enough." Go out there and prove them all wrong.