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Flexible Work

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Stanford has re-imagined the way we work. Our workforce is more flexible and adaptable today than ever before.

Our vision is for a flexible work environment that delivers on Stanford’s mission, culture and operational requirements by unlocking our employees’ full potential through supporting their varied needs, trusting them to integrate their work and lives, and placing their overall well-being at the fore. The program is designed to support the diverse operational needs of each school or unit and to cultivate opportunities for in-person connection. Through a process of collective experimentation and iteration, we have developed policies, tools, systems and resources to support our new way of working --and we remain committed to evolving and adapting to meet any future challenges.

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Flexible Work FAQ

Policy and benefits questions to systems and space-related questions.

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Flexible Work Glossary

The Glossary was created to provide a consistent understanding of flexible work terminology.

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