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Manager Resources

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Here you’ll find tools and resources to guide you through the flexible work process, as well as best practices to help you support your team. Check back often for new and updated tools.

On this page you'll find:

 Record Work Agreements in Axess

handshake by cellphone and written agreement

Axess serves as the centralized system for tracking and aggregating all hybrid and remote work agreements.


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Manage a Hybrid Team

illustration of hybrid team

Adopt new approaches and practices to support and connect employees with different work arrangements.


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Manager Playbook Resources

illustration oof manager resource icons

The Manager Playbook was designed to provide leaders and managers a framework to support consistent decision-making processes and a positive employee experience as we transition to a hybrid organization. Playbook resources include:

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Flexible Work Glossary

illustration of dictionary

This Glossary was created to provide a consistent understanding of flexible work terms, and an overview of the roles, organizational models and environments being considered by schools/units.

Review the glossary


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Facilitate Work-Life Integration Practices

illustrations of working from home

Learn about the resources in place to help your employees address work-life integration issues.

Review best practices


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Support Healthy Work Approaches

illustrations of icons representing health lifestyle

As a manager, you can help foster a workplace culture that encourages health and wellness.

Get pro tips to build a healthy work environment


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Ergonomics Program

illustration of man sitting in correct position at desk

Get tips and guidance from Environmental Health & Safety to ensure your off-site workspace is ergonomically safe and properly set up to avoid injury.

Learn more about Stanford's Ergo program


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Alternative Worksites

illustration of office space

An alternative worksite is a Stanford-owned or leased premise where individuals can schedule a designated workspace once a week, free of home distractions.

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Work Anywhere - Tech Resources

Illustrations of people working from around the world

No matter where your office is located, UIT offers technology resources, services and equipment to support collaboration and productivity.



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Stanford Transportation - Commute Toolkit

illustration of four people in a rideshare

Find out more about commute options including ride shares, ways to save, and which permit makes sense for your schedule. 



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