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Facilitate Work-life Integration Practices

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Managers play an important role in helping employees achieve a healthy blend between their work and personal life. Below are some resources and ideas for how you can support your employees' work-life integration.

On-campus Resources

The newly created Employee Support Programs & Services is responsible for the strategic direction, planning, development, implementation and evaluation of policies and programs for university-wide human resource functions including WorkLife and Wellness programs, flexible work and employee experience, and the Faculty Staff Help Center.

You and your employees have access to  programs and services that support your work-life needs.

Time Off

Taking microbreaks during the day, longer breaks during the week and full-on vacations positively impacts employee performance and productivity. Taking time is proven to be good for our health and well-being. Encouraging your team members to utilize their paid time off not only supports work-life integration, but creates a more positive and efficient workplace culture. 

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