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Manager's Guide to Initiating Work Agreements in Axess

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Below is a summary of steps for managers initiating a work agreement in Axess.
Note: agreements can also be initiated by your employee or your HR team.

Step 1 Login to Axess
Step 2 Select "Manager Center"
Step 3 Navigate to "Hybrid/Remote Work Agreements"
Step 4 Click on the Request New Arrangement icon
Step 5 Select the Type of Arrangement and click Submit
Step 6 Enter Effective Date and End Date
Check with your HR Business Partner for guidelines; generally the span will be one year.
Step 7 Complete the rest of the form and then click Submit.

The Work Agreement system will then route the agreement to the Employee or to HR for the next level of review.  See the Work Agreement process for details on how work arrangements are routed and approved.