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Policy Requirements

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Stanford Programs and Third Party Programs

There are two main categories of programs covered by the Protection of Minors Policy: (1) Stanford Programs, and (2) Third Party Programs.  Stanford Programs are those programs and activities managed by Stanford departments and Stanford employees, students and/or volunteers. Third Party Programs are those run by an external organization not affiliated with Stanford but on the Stanford campus (and with approval by the Minors Third Party Program Sponsorship Committee).

Both Stanford Programs and Third Party Programs must have a Stanford sponsor (“Program Sponsor”). Program Sponsors are responsible for registering the program or activity, submitting Program Staff and Program Participant rosters, ensuring Program Staff complete background checks and training, collecting signed liability waivers and medical information forms from Program Participants, and reporting incidents to University Human Resources.  A summary is outlined in the Requirements for Covered Programs checklist.

Please see the following pages for complete requirements: