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Protection of Minors Management System (ePOM)

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The Protection of Minors Management System (ePOM) is your sole resource for registering minors programs and activities, uploading required documents, and monitoring policy requirements.

ePOM users include the following two roles:

  • Program Sponsor: The Program Sponsor is responsible for ensuring that all requirements under the Protection of Minors policy are met.  Please see the complete definition and list of requirements on the Program Sponsor page.
  • Program Administrator: An employee who is delegated by the Program Sponsor the role of ensuring all required information is submitted to the Protection of Minors Management System. The Program Sponsor remains responsible for meeting all policy requirements.

All programs and activities covered by the Protection of Minors policy must be registered through ePOM.

Log In

Log in using SUNet ID and Password

Training Resources 

Job Aids

Step-by-step instructions for completing specific tasks within ePOM.

Information Sessions

Other Documentation

ePOM Rosters

To upload staff and participant information in ePOM, use these roster templates.

Technical Support

If you experience system-related issues with ePOM, please submit a help ticket