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Reporting Workplace Concerns

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Stanford offers a wide variety of resources to help members of the University community address questions or issues that may influence your experience at Stanford.

Workplace concerns can take many forms and, when not addressed, can detract from your success and fulfillment as an employee. Take advantage of the many resources to assist you in understanding the policies and procedures at Stanford, or in resolving matters that may affect your success at Stanford.

Options to Report


The resources above are available to assist employees, and the individuals representing these offices will handle your information with sensitivity and discretion. They will take reasonable steps to maintain confidentiality. However, Stanford supervisors, faculty, and administrators may have an obligation to report or follow up on certain workplace concerns, such as (but not limited to) sexual harassment, discrimination, and allegations of illegal activity.  

A Note About Non-Retaliation

It is important that people feel comfortable raising concerns and cooperating in investigations, and the university has policies that protect individuals who in good faith report or provide information during an investigation. Retaliation violates Stanford’s policies.  Please see Administrative Guide Memo: 1.1.2: Non-Retaliation Policy.

​What to Expect After Reporting a Concern

Once you report a concern to one of the offices listed above, an initial assessment will be conducted to determine the next appropriate steps.  In some circumstances, a formal investigation may be conducted.  If you are asked to participate in a workplace investigation involving the conduct of a staff member, you can find more information about the process on the Information About Participating in a Staff Workplace Investigation page.

Additional Resources

These additional resources are available to support and assist you with your concerns.  Further information about these resources are below.  Discussing your concerns with the offices below will NOT put the University on notice of the content of the communication, nor will it create a record of your concerns with the University.1

 1 Unless under limited circumstances.  Please see each office’s website for further information regarding confidentiality.