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Manager Forums: Building exceptional relationships

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Effective people management relies on strong relationships with your team and peers, especially as we experienced the past year, which included social unrest, a global pandemic, and a significant shift in the way we work and collaborate. 

As a manager, the way you care, relate, and recognize your people is now more critical than ever. Most interactions have shifted to an increase of virtual connections, creating fewer organic opportunities to connect and build relationships, including bumping into your colleagues in the office hallway or kitchen, the train, or even connecting in the conference room minutes before a meeting begins. The process of forging these deep connections is learned and applied, and can include positive outcomes such as improved teamwork and collaboration, increased productivity, and boosted morale. 

This month’s Manager Forum includes Stanford guest leaders, David Bradford and Carole Robin, who will lead a discussion on building exceptional, meaningful, authentic and productive relationships as we develop together by sharing experiences, success and learnings. 

Manager Forums occur monthly via Zoom with new topics and resources to support you as you lead your teams.

Learn more about the upcoming Manager Forum, Building Exceptional Relationships with Colleagues

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About the guest leaders:

Carole Robin, the former Dorothy J. King Lecturer in Leadership, and David Bradford, the Eugene D. O’Kelly II Senior Lecturer in Leadership, Emeritus, have taught a combined seventy-five years in their Stanford Graduate School of Business (GSB) course Interpersonal Dynamics, and have coached and consulted to hundreds of executives for decades. 

The two have teamed-up, once again, to share their knowledge by publishing a book, Connect: Building Exceptional Relationships with Family, Friends, and Colleagues, based on lessons learned through their course, which remains one of the most popular electives at the GSB.

You can watch previous Manager Forums discussion and view resources by visiting the Manager Toolkit

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