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COVID-19 Tools

Information, tools and templates useful during the COVID-19 pandemic

For workplace-related updates, University Human Resources has launched the COVID-19 Workplace Guide to keep you updated on the latest developments and the impacts COVID-19 has on our people and our workplace.

Interim policy key messaging

Access "message maps" about interim policies that have key messages, talking points and suggested actions.

Managing during the COVID-19 crisis

Resources available to support you in working with your teams during the current workplace disruptions due to the pandemic. Guides are provided with strategies and practical tips to engage your teams, including neuroscientific models on how people process threats, tips for self-care, and more.

View the Managing during COVID-19 resources

Enhancing the Level of Employee Engagement

A discussion guide designed to help you as a manager recognize, build and foster engagement on your team during times of disruption and uncertainty.

Wellness resources for managers

BeWell has compiled some resources that managers can use in working with their teams.

View the resources