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Hiring Temporary, Casual & Student Employees

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The steps below will assist you in recruiting and hiring a temporary, casual and/or student employee. If you would like assistance with this process, contact your local HR Team. To use a simpler process, use the CardinalTemps system, in which the vendor manages background checks, salaries, timecard instructions, worker's compensation, etc. 

1. Determine What Type of Hire is Required

Temporary employee

Employees on the university payroll or an external agency appointed at 50% FTE or more for no longer than six consecutive months and work no more than 980 hours during the six-month period for all job assignments.

If duties are technical, maintenance, or service, employees may be appointed at 50% FTE or more for no longer than four consecutive months.

CardinalTemps is the preferred one stop solution for hiring temporary labor at Stanford through an external agency.

The program is administered in partnership with PRO Unlimited, a managed service provider (MSP), that oversees the requisition and candidate fulfillment process. 

*Introduced in April 2018, this new program does not affect temporary workers hired directly onto Stanford's payroll or independent contractors (hired directly or through a temporary agency). 

Administrative Guide Memo 2.2.1




Student employee

Graduate or undergraduate Stanford students who are hired for part-time work.

These students are hired into Peoplesoft using an “SU” job code. 

Administrative Guide Memo 10.1.1 (Undergraduate Students)

Administrative Guide Memo 10.2.1 (Graduate Students)

Stanford Financial Aid website

Casual employeeEmployees on the university payroll appointed less than 50% FTE and work no more than 980 hours during the calendar year for all job assignments.Administrative Guide Memo 2.2.1

2. Determine Compensation

See your HR manager or representative for assistance with temporary and casual employee compensation. He or she can help you interpret staff compensation guidelines set forth in the Administrative Guide Memo 2.1.5: Compensation of Staff Employees

Local Management of Temporary, Casual and Student Employee Compensation

  • HR managers oversee the hiring and pay of temporary and casual employees in their local areas. Some schools/areas may determine a more closely controlled local process is needed; others may determine a decentralized process works well.
  • HR managers should refer to the Temporary and Casual Employee Compensation System located in the HRM Toolkit (secure login required) for information on the current year’s program.

3. Partner with Your Local HR Team to Make Verbal Offer to Final Candidate and Send Offer Letter

Present a verbal offer to the final candidate. Inform the final candidate a written, contingent On Assignment Letter will be extended upon acceptance of the verbal offer.

On Assignment Letters are accessible by your local HR Team only. Contact your local HR Team to obtain the offer letter to send to your final candidate. Once the On Assignment Letter is sent, ensure your local HR Team receives the signed copy for the new hire's personnel file. 

4. Initiate Background Check Through Your Local HR Team

background check can only be initiated after a written conditional job offer is made. Continue to work with your local HR Team to launch the background check.

NOTE: Most student employees do not require a background check. If hiring a student employee, please verify with your Human Resources manager if a background check is required.

5. Instruct the Candidate to Provide Birth Date and SSN to Local HR Team

Birth date and SSN are needed for new hires only, and not required if the candidate was previous employed at Stanford. Do not have them send this information by email. Instead, please instruct the final candidate to complete the Stanford Secure Hiring Privacy Portal to collect the birth date and social security number. 

NOTE: Student and Work-study Student hires are excluded from this step.

6. Complete Hire Form

Complete and send the Temp/Casual Employee Hire Form with approvals along with the resume and Employment Application to your local HR Team.

  • HR will process the new hire into PeopleSoft. Allow one to two business days for processing.
  • Do not sponsor a SUNet ID for the employee prior to HR entering the employee into the system. This will prevent creating a duplicate Employee ID.

NOTE: Resume and SU Employment Application are not required for student or work-study student employees.

7. Complete Employment Eligibility Verification (I-9) For New Hire

Depending on your local policy, ensure that either you or your local HR Team completes the Employment Eligibility Verification (I-9) for the new employee within three days of the date of hire.

The completed I-9 form and the supporting documents need to be sent to Payroll (ID Mail Code 8440) within the three day time frame to meet the Homeland Security compliance deadline.

This is needed for all new hires and rehires (if there is a break in service). 

NOTE: Student and Work-study Student hires are not excluded from the I-9 requirement.

Visit the Fingate website for more information on completing the I-9

Download the I-9 Form