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Recognize and share appreciation with employees for contributions, service and outstanding performance


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Base Pay Administration

Learn more about how compensation is administered, including what job changes typically have pay changes, guidelines for hiring when the candidate is external, and the foundations of the staff compensation program.

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Bonuses & Incentives

Depending on area budgets and practices, the use of bonuses and incentives may be used as rewards; learn more about the types of bonuses and incentives, and how they are typically used before talking with your local HR representative.

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Group of employees who have served 35 years of service at Stanford

Staff Service Recognition

A comprehensive service recognition program, Stanford Celebrates You: Recognizing Staff Careers, relies on managers to foster a work environment that demonstrates the value of service by recognizing service to Stanford.

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Recognition Tips and Tools

Make use of our free appreciation graphics and review recent articles sharing best practices to be great at recognizing your team members.

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Guidance to Recognize and Reward

Create a culture of recognition and appreciation for your team, making use of tools and programs.

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