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Pay Guidelines for External Hires

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Setting the pay when you hire an external candidate is done in consultation with your local HR manager, who will help you consider all aspects of the decision.

Note: The Staff Salary Structures identifies the salary range associated with each grade. Note: You must be logged into the Stanford Google workspace with your Stanford e-mail to access. Submit HelpSU ticket if not accessible.

Salary for External New Staff Hires

Factors to consider when determining salary offers:

  • Candidate’s knowledge and skills related to the role
  • Candidate’s previous experience related to the role
  • Regional market for the job.
  • Internal equity – how pay compares to the current peers in the same role with comparable experience and skills
  • Candidate’s current pay, if voluntarily provided by candidate, as well as existing short and long term incentives, etc.
  • Manager/subordinate pay – how candidate’s pay would compare to manager

Sign-on bonus may be considered for a new hire in unique situations

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