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Leading Teams with Creative Workplace Rituals

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Many have come back to work this new year with feelings of uncertainty, concern, and burnout lingering from the 2021 year. The methods for using creative rituals that Professor Kursat Ozenc discusses can help you boost engagement, improve retention, and build shared values within your team, which can provide a foundation to achieving common goals.  

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February 15, 2022

About our guest leader:

Photo of Kursat Ozenc

A design scholar and practitioner, working at the intersection of human behavior, design, and technology at Stanford. He published his first book Rituals for Work in 2019, and Rituals for Virtual Meetings in 2021.


Rituals for Work book cover

A ritual is only effective when its purpose is clearly defined. This book goes beyond simple analysis to provide actual recipes for individual rituals designed to promote specific habits, change negative behaviors, and instill values. Each ritual can be adapted to achieve a multitude of goals and tailored to fit your organization or team’s specific needs.


Rituals for Virtual Meetings book cover

How to build rapport and rhythm amongst team members when everyone is not in the same physical space. This book shares creative ways to engage people and strengthen relationships as leaders, managers, and meeting organizers by providing readers with practical, concrete steps to improve group cohesion and performance.


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