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Support a Leave of Absence

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Stanford provides a variety of disability and leave benefits for times when your employees need to be away from work due to a medical leave or to care for a family member. Below are resources to assist you and your employees with planning a leave.

Disability and Leave Services (DLS)

DLS provides two types of services to help you coordinate and support your employees through their confidential leave process.

  • Standard Service: DLS Leave Specialists work directly with your local HR office that serves as the employees primary contact during their leave.
  • Integrated Leave Management (ILM) Service: DLS Leave Specialists work directly with your employee during their leave and they will advise and update the local HR office throughout the employee's leave.

Contact a DLS Leave Specialist

Workers' Compensation

All Stanford employees are covered by Workers' Compensation. As a manager/supervisor of the injured employee  you must complete and submit various reporting forms.

Form 5020: Employer's Report of Occupational Injury or Illness must be completed by the supervisor/department and not the employee.

Form SU-17: Accident, Incident or Exposure Report: Needs to be filled out  by both the employee and the supervisor and must be faxed to Risk Management within 24 hours.  

Form SU-17B: This form is for accidents involving non-employees (temporary, student or casual employees) require the submission of this form.

Form DWC-1: Must be given to the employee within 24 hours of the incident. You must complete specific lines and make a copy prior to giving the form to the employee. Then complete Line 13 AFTER the employee gives back the completed form.

All completed forms must be sent directly to Risk Management (ID Mail Code: 6207). Copies should be sent to your HR Manager or DLS Leave Coordinator.

If your department participates in the Integrated Leave Management (ILM) program, contact your DLS Leave Specialist who can guide you through the Workers' Comp process. 

Manager Guidelines for Employee Leave

When an employee is going out on a leave, here are some guidelines for you and your employee:

  • The employee should let their supervisor/manager know at least 30 days in advance of their leave, if possible
  • The manager needs to either:
    1. Have the employee talk with their local HR  rep
    2. Refer the employee to the DLS Specialist if they are in the Integrated Leave Management (ILM) service.
  • The manager/supervisor should have the employee complete the Request for Leave form
  • The manager signs the Request for Leave form, but this serves as acknowledgment of the requested time off, not approval
  • During an employee's leave, managers should only reach out directly to them under Stanford's Integrated Leave Management (ILM) service. Non-ILM client groups work with the local HR contact.
  • Any information from the employee regarding return to work dates or restrictions should be forwarded to either the HR rep or the DLS Specialist
  • The manager must receive a "return to work" release note from the employee's doctor before they can resume full or restricted work duties