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Stanford Manager Academy

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Enhancing the effectiveness of frontline staff managers with varying levels of experience to enhance the knowledge, skills, and abilities of managers across the university.

Program Overview

Manager Academy begins with fundamental managerial practices. The learning advances to inspiring a culture of trust, tapping into your team's talent for engagement and productivity, and finally, leadership presence. Content focused on diversity, inclusion, equity, and belonging has been included in all program content. A 360-degree assessment identifies areas of opportunity and strengths to help participants with their development. Participants will leave the program with a professional development success plan to provide them with action steps to continue their development.


Twice a year, managers are nominated within all schools and units to participate in a six-month learning experience with other managers. These individuals are interested in developing their foundational managerial skills for optimal impact in their leadership role.

Selection & Eligibility

To ensure that all departments are represented, employees are nominated to participate by their local human resources team.

Participants must be a supervisor of at least one direct report to participate in the program.

Program Format

Stanford Manager Academy is designed in a cohort format with the option of registering in a hybrid or fully virtual cohort. 

Hybrid Cohort Format 

The hybrid cohorts will meet three times throughout the program; the first workshop session, the Inclusive Leadership session, and the program celebration. The other courses are held virtually on Zoom. Hybrid cohorts are noted on the workshop schedule site. 

Remote Cohort Format 

There are three cohorts offered fully virtual on Zoom. These cohorts are noted on the workshop schedule site. These cohorts are reserved for our fully remote Managers at Stanford. 

Session Timing

Over a six-month span, managers participate in online and/or in-person learning experiences. They also attend one presentation led by a Stanford University faculty member. Participants receive 360-degree feedback and on-the-job application of workshop models and concepts.

Vendor Partner

Our vendor partner is FranklinCovey, a respected global organization with a robust set of leadership courses. All Manager Academy participants gain access to an online platform with additional curated resources, including videos, articles, courses, a 360-degree assessment, 360 coach, and more.