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Groups that support our workplace

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Creating a positive work environment means tackling the tough issues, such as communication style differences, collaboration issues, perceived or actual harassment or other situations where your leadership will have a positive impact. There are many resources available to help you resolve workplace issues and forge an accepting, respectful workplace.

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Diversity and Access Office

The Diversity and Access Office provides resources to support a community of fairness and respect, while complying with related laws and guidelines.

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Mauricio Valencia working at his standing desk

Employee & Labor Relations

Employee & Labor Relations (E&LR) provides guidance to HR managers, managers and employees to resolve workplace conflicts, and administer the university's grievance and administrative review processes.

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Faculty Staff Help Center (FSHC)

Confidential and free counseling services and workshops are available for you, your employees and their families through the Faculty Staff Help Center (FSHC).

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Human Resources Representatives for Schools and Units

Directors, managers and administrators for schools and units can help you identify communication tools and ways to support effective workplace relationships.

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Lourdes Andrade speaking to colleague, with a serious expression on her face

Office of the Ombuds

The Ombuds is a neutral and confidential resource available for  you and the entire Stanford community to discuss workplace conflicts.

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Sexual Harassment Policy Office

The Sexual Harassment Policy Office provides information, education, support and prevention for you and your employees on issues related to sexual harassment.

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