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A seamless and efficient onboarding process is imperative in starting the new hire off on the right foot. Ensure the new hire knows what to expect and ensure all the people involved in onboarding your new hire are prepared, informed, and on time for their meetings with the new hire.  

Welcome Center

The Welcome Center is a general Stanford orientation for staff occurring every Monday, except when a university holiday falls on a Monday, when the session moves to the next business day. Orientation is intended to be your new hire's first day of work. Your new hire is strongly advised to attend the Welcome Center. If your new hire cannot attend, they must be provided with thorough onboarding by their hiring manager and local HR Team. There are many advantages of the Welcome Center:

  • Provides information regarding critical start-up services: ID Badging, I-9, Parking & Transportation Services
  • Increases efficiency and effectiveness
  • Enables staff to be "work-ready" on day two
  • Sets a strong cultural foundation for success
  • Instills the passion of working for Stanford

To enroll a new hire in the Welcome Center, learn more about it, and understand the roles and responsibilities during the onboarding process, please visit the onboard section.

Resources & Tools to onboard new staff

Review Starting the Stanford Journey to understand the importance of onboarding and all the elements involved.

For onboarding checklists, Day 2 and additional resources, visit the Onboarding process and tools webpage.

Ensure your new hire is familiar with our Staff Groups to feel connected with the Stanford community.

Continued Training & Development

To show you’re invested in developing people, meet with your new hire to discuss Stanford’s professional development opportunities and the performance management plan. Training and development discussions should be done regularly.