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Base Pay Administration Roles

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Dean/VP or designee

  • Uphold university compensation philosophy and guiding principles at the local level
  • In partnership with UHR Staff Compensation, review, approve or deny exceptions to pay administration guidelines.
  • Review and approve bonus and incentive targets and payouts.

Budget Group

  • Approve annual overall compensation program budget based on input/data recommendations provided by UHR Staff Compensation

Managers and HR Managers

  • Provide input to job description development and job matches to surveys
  • Make consistent, fair and appropriate pay decisions to help promote and support the goals of the school/unit and Stanford overall
  • Manage pay decisions, within the overall budget for the school/unit
  • Recommend, approve, and communicate pay decisions to employees

Staff Compensation in University HR

  • Conduct annual compensation analyses and provide input/data for annual compensation budget
  • Gather, analyze and compile competitive base compensation by job
  • Develop and maintain competitive salary structures
  • Serve as a subject matter expert and partner with HR Managers and leaders/managers
  • Develop and maintain pay policies, programs, and pay administration guidelines
  • Develop and maintain job description library
  • Conduct annual compensation equity reviews and recommendations


  • Partner with managers to understand the pay system and individual pay opportunities; respect individual pay confidentiality