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Recording performance in SimpleEval

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Performance Management Process Using Simple Eval System

Simple Evaluation Cycle: Performance conversations throughout the year, expectation setting, performance assessment

Some areas at Stanford use a tool called "Simple Eval" to record performance goals, conversations and ratings.

“I always know what I'm doing, why I'm doing it, and why it's important.”

Employees want to do the right work and do it well, and to be recognized for the efforts, results and outcomes they are responsible for. Several VP areas use the Simple Eval system to keep electronic records related to performance.

The performance management cycle includes establishing expectations, providing continuing feedback and coaching, and an annual performance evaluation. Conversations between an employee and supervisor produce the clarity employees need to do the right work and do it well, resulting in motivation and engagement at work. The ePerformance/Simple Eval tool supports these conversations.

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Simple Eval HR Contacts

For VP Areas using Simple Eval, the primary HR contact is listed.




Land, Buildings, & Real Estate (LBRE)

Al Roa

Office of the CFO, Office of the Chief Risk Officer, University IT-Information Security, University IT–IT Services, University IT-Administrative Systems, University IT–Shared Services, Office of Research Administration, and Business Affairs HR


Margie Mene

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