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Developing leadership capabilities in senior-level managers, expanding their knowledge of university processes, and building a strong network of community alliances across schools and units.


A cohort of 24 participants are nominated and selected to attend the Leadership @ Stanford program each year. These individuals:

  • Have high potential for broader contributions to the university in the future
  • Are dedicated to Stanford’s core mission
  • Demonstrate leadership skills and strengths beyond their current role
  • Are believed to have interest in assuming broader leadership roles in the future
  • Demonstrate excellence in their current position and represent diversity in thoughts, experience, demographics, and roles

Selection & Eligibility

Participants are traditionally nominated by the most senior leader within their school or unit in partnership with their local human resources representative, and approved by the President and Provost.

Nominees should be staff:

  • With managerial responsibility in their current position; and
  • Who hold a current position at the director level or above; and
  • Who demonstrate high performance standards; and
  • Who currently make notable and visible contributions to the organization.

Program Format

Leadership @ Stanford gives participants the opportunity to broaden their knowledge of Stanford’s culture and history, enhance their leadership effectiveness, expand their knowledge of university processes, and build a strong network of alliances across schools and units. 

The program operates in a hybrid model with some sessions in person and other sessions taking place virtually.

Session Timing

The cohort begins in mid-September each fall with a full-day, in-person session to launch the program. During the academic year, the cohort meets an additional 6 times in a hybrid model with some sessions in person and others conducted virtually. The program concludes in May.

Vendor Partner

The program is facilitated by our vendor partner, the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL), a research-based organization that brings 50+ years of experience. The unique demands of leadership development in higher education will be supported through our alignment with CCL’s Societal Advancement group, which includes an emphasis on the education sector.