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Base Pay Administration

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Base pay for staff is administered in partnership with your HR manager or representative, with support from the University Human Resources Staff Compensation team.

Here is the context for how staff base pay is administered:

If you manage bargaining unit staff, please refer to the respective collective bargaining agreement.

The Staff Salary Structures identify the salary range associated with each grade. NOTE: You must be logged into the Stanford Google workspace with your Stanford e-mail to access. Submit a HelpSU ticket if not accessible.

Pay Events

There are a variety of pay events that may occur related to hiring, internal movement of staff, and for our Annual Staff Compensation Program. Use this information to facilitate discussions with your HR Manager.

Internal Staff Pay Changes

The employee life cycle may includes these types of pay events:

  • Promotion
  • Career Development
  • Lateral
  • Exemption Classification Changes
  • Reclassifications
  • Remote Work Arrangement
  • Temporary Acting Role
  • Work Outside Regular Responsibilities: non-teaching
  • Work Outside Regular Responsibilities: teaching
  • Additional Work Within Regular Responsibilities

Learn more about Internal Staff Pay Changes

Pay Guidelines for Hiring External Candidates

Setting the pay when you hire an external staff member is done in consultation with your local HR manager or professional, who will help you consider all aspects of the decision. 

Learn more about setting pay for external hires

Annual Staff Compensation Program

HR Managers partner with their local leaders and managers to implement the annual program.

Learn more about Annual Staff Compensation Program