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Inclusive Recruitment Resources

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Inclusive Talent Acquisition program.

The Inclusive Talent Acquisition (ITA) program aims to find highly qualified, diverse, and engaged staff as quickly as possible. This program is part of the IDEAL Staff Advisory Committee work to examine and improve processes, policies, and practices that help us make progress with our diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging vision and values. For an at-a-glance visual about the ITA program, download this infographic (Stanford login required to view).

Resource links for ITA program participants

The drop-down menus in this section include links to guides and resources developed for the ITA program. As the program continues to be implemented, additional resources will be added to this webpage soon.

Getting Started

ITA program overview visuals

Download visual infographics with information about the ITA program.


ITA program recordings & guides

 Links to video recordings of sessions (ITA Overview, ITA Kickoff) and accompanying quick reference guides (QRG) for managers and HR teams when getting started with implementing the ITA program. 

ITA process maps

ITA process maps are visual reference guides that overview the recruitment and hiring process. Review the ITA process maps by school / unit.


Manager Learning Journey

Learn more and register for learning content specifically for people managers as part of the IDEAL Learning Journey. 


ITA glossary of terms

View a glossary of terms related to the ITA program.


Unconscious Bias Training Resource Guide

Review a guide with resources for addressing unconscious bias in hiring organized by topic and time needed to complete. 

Creating the Job Posting

Optimize your job posting for diversity & inclusion

View a job aid document with information about how to optimize your job posting for diversity and inclusion.


Job posting request form

Use this form to request a job posting.


Finding Candidates

Expanding your professional network

Learn more about ways you can expand your professional network.



Leading an interview process that supports fairness & diversity

Learn more about best practices in leading an interview process that supports fairness and diversity, including forming interview teams, approaching the interview process, and assessment.


Legal considerations for interviews

Learn more about the legal considerations when conducting an interview.


Interviewing best practices

View this resource for best practices in interviewing candidates.


Selection & Offer

Managing bias in hiring

View these resources for mitigating bias in the hiring process, including a quick reference guide (QRG) with highlights from the 90-minute Managing Bias in Hiring training and the training slides.


Pay administration

Learn more about the pay administration process.


Additional recruiting and hiring resources

If your school / unit is not currently implementing the ITA program, please refer to these links for recruitment and hiring resources.