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"Develop" encompasses taking a holistic approach to develop your team, your approaches and practices in the workplace, and to develop yourself.

Outside of Cardinal Hall, Stanford Redwood city campus

Address workplace concerns

Despite good intentions, sometimes issues arise. Review the guidelines that support community members to address questions or issues that may influence their employee experience.

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Sora Chung with her manager outside using their laptops at a table

Feedback and coaching

To foster our culture of feedback, your role includes sharing timely and constructive feedback, along with coaching employees to unlock their full potential and make meaningful contributions.

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Groups that support our workplace

Here are the primary people, groups and departments available to help you foster a collegial work environment.

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Ahmad Wright working at his standing desk

Learning Management System

Our learning management system enables you to identify useful training for your team members and has reports to help you track learning milestones. 

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Male and female employee chatting near their desks

Professional development for team members

Your role is important to set up a work environment that fosters gaining new skills, reaching for career goals, and where continuous growing, exploring and learning are valued.

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Self-development for managers

Your role to manage and lead your group means it's important to look within and develop new skills and approaches to positively impact your workplace.

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Workplace Procedures Compliance

Whether you're approving timecards, overseeing business expenses, sharing policy changes, or supporting a team member on a leave, administrative processes support an effective workplace.

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