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Welcome Center manager resources

Welcome Center manager resources

These resources will help you understand your role and the role of the Welcome Center in onboarding your new staff hire.

Due to the pandemic, the Welcome Center is now virtual, with new hires invited to attend a live Welcome to Stanford session on their first day (or within their first week). For new hires who are enrolled by school/unit HR groups, communication and instruction is provided, including individualized support.  

The Welcome Center reduces the burden on local HR teams and helps enable your new hire to be work-ready. Get an overview of the virtual onboarding sessions that are part of the current Welcome Center.

New Hire Eligibility

The Welcome Center is for new staff, including bargaining unit and academic staff, who are benefits-eligible, have successfully completed a Stanford background check, and have a start date identified. The sessions are not targeted for those transferring from within Stanford or SLAC, faculty, temps or casuals, or hospital employees. 


New Hire Enrollment

All it takes is a completed enrollment form from your school or unit HR team and the Welcome Center will handle the rest.


Welcome Center roles and content

The Welcome Center takes care of several transactional and operational items in the onboarding process, and introduces new staff hires to many of the resources and benefits available to them as a Stanford employee.

Learn about roles and responsibilities related to onboarding.