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There are three types of accounts in SCRP: the Tax-Deferred Account (TDA), the Roth 403(b) and the Contributory Retirement Account (CRA).

Here is an overview of the differences and similarities between the accounts:



ROTH 403(B)



All Stanford employees

All Stanford employees

Benefits-eligible Stanford employees* who have completed one year of service

Contribution Types Allowed

Before-tax dollars

The TDA also accepts rollovers of eligible savings from a previous employer(s)

After-tax dollars

If you are eligible for CRA, you can contribute after-tax to CRA and set up an "in-plan conversion" to Roth (read more in the Roth FAQ)

Before-tax or after-tax dollars 

Rollovers from previous employer plans not accepted

You may also receive university contributions: the "basic" based on years of service and salary, and "matching" based on your contributions

Contribution Limits

IRS before-tax limit: This includes TDA and CRA before-tax contributions, and Roth 403(b) at Stanford, plus before-tax contributions to other employer plans this year. CRA after-tax is not included in this limit.

IRS total contribution limit: This caps the sum of your retirement savings contributions at Stanford and elsewhere, and includes Stanford's basic and matching contributions.

View all of the current contribution limits


Eligible to enroll following your first regular paycheck.

View more information about how to enroll

Eligible to enroll following your first regular paycheck.

View more information about how to enroll

You may be auto-enrolled with Stanford's basic contribution, even if you elect not to contribute, on the first of the month after you've completed one year of service. (Example: You are hired Feb. 10, 2022. Your CRA contributions are based on your eligible pay beginning Mar. 1, 2023, which is paid on Mar. 22, 2023.) 

If you make contributions of your own, you become eligible for matching contributions from Stanford. 

If you contribute to TDA during your first year and do not elect to participate in CRA, you will not be automatically enrolled.  

View more information about how to enroll


All Stanford employees are 100% vested immediately. When you leave Stanford, you can take your entire SCRP account balance with you.

NOTE: If you are recalled into active employment (faculty or staff) you may have additional eligibility considerations. Contact the University HR Service Team for assistance at 650-736-2985.