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Maternity Leave

If you're expecting a baby, you may qualify for pregnancy-related disability benefits and job protection, as well as baby bonding leave.

Family Leave

While maternity leave encompasses a wide-range of pregnancy-related needs and baby bonding time for expectant mothers, Family Care Leave is also available in California for fathers, same-sex spouses and registered domestic partners who are bonding with their newborn, adopted child or foster child during their first year. Learn more about Family Care and Parental Bonding Leave.

Maternity Leave

Benefits vary depending on your needs and desired time away. Attend a Maternity and Child Care Benefits Workshop to learn more about the options below.


Maternity Leave
Pre Partum
Maternity Leave
Post Partum
Maternity leave
Mandatory vacation
Maternity Leave

Additional Leave Time
(Balance of CFRA)

Income protection Voluntary Disability Insurance (VDI) Voluntary Disability Insurance (VDI) Family Temporary Disability -Bonding Family Temporary Disability -Bonding None
Length of time allowed Typically begins 1-4 weeks before expected delivery date Typically 6-8 weeks after delivery date (based on delivery type and doctor certification) Maximum 80 hours (prorated for part-time) or all available vacation time

May be up to six weeks after mandatory vacation period

May be taken intermittently

May use up to one year after birth of child

May be up to four weeks after FTD Leave
Documentation Doctor statement Doctor statement N/A Bonding certificate  N/A
Hours that can be used 
(accrued time)
Use sick, PTO, floating holiday, vacation hours to augment insurance benefit Use sick, PTO, floating holiday, vacation hours to augment insurance benefit

May only use vacation hours

If no vacation hours, FTD begins immediately

Only PTO, floating holiday and vacation hours can be used to augment insurance benefit

May use only PTO, floating holiday and vacation hours

No disability benefit during this period

Job protection Protected under Calif. Pregnancy Disability Leave (PDL), up to four months Protected under CFRA (Calif. version of FMLA) and/or FMLA. If eligible, 12 weeks beginning first day after PDL ends
Protected under Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA). If eligible, 12 weeks beginning on first day of leave.

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about Pregnancy-Related leave by reviewing Frequently Asked Questions.

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