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FAQ for External Organizations

Below you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions from external organizations to Stanford University HR. Please browse this list before emailing HR Communications.

Employment Verification Request

Q: I need to conduct an employment verification on a prior Stanford employee.  Can you please provide me with an email or fax number that I would be able to send a verification form to?

A: Stanford University HR does not verify employment; our Payroll Office handles them and uses an external vendor called The Work Number. You may access The Work Number database through their website or their telephone-based system at 1-800-367-5690 with Stanford’s Work Number company code, 10526.

If you still need assistance, please contact Payroll at or 650-723-2772.

If you are inquiring about a Stanford Hospital employee, please call 650-497-2750 and follow the menu instructions.

Stanford Sweeteners

Q: Our company would like to offer your employees a discount and be featured on Stanford Sweeteners. Can we set up a time to discuss our program with your university?

A: Stanford Sweeteners promotes internal perks, rewards and benefits to the Stanford community; with few exceptions, it does not promote discounts available by external companies. Moreover, Stanford University HR, which manages the Stanford Sweeteners page, is not the decision maker that works with outside companies to introduce rewards; instead, we promote already existing Stanford special programs, services or rewards.

We previously had a page of discounts from third party vendors such as amusement parks, but it is no longer offered it because of the time and strict review processes required to vet and maintain these listings with regard to liability and conflict of interest.

You may want to place an ad in the student newspaper called The Stanford Daily, which many employees regularly read; if so, please see their advertisement section.

You may also want to contact Office of the Vice President for Business Affairs, which manages trademark licensing and other commercial uses of Stanford’s name and emblems and handles other strategic campus initiatives.

Use of Stanford Emblem, Logo, Name or Photos

Q: I am inquiring about getting a high resolution image of Stanford insignia to feature in our upcoming publication. Whom should I contact for my request?


Licensed Use of Stanford Trademarks:

Stanford's name and emblems are trademarks owned by the University. With limited exceptions, you must be licensed to use these trademarks. Stanford trademarks are not to be altered, diluted, or otherwise misused. For additional information on how to use Stanford University trademarks, please refer to:

If you are using the Block "S" with tree or Stanford word marks such as “Cardinal”, “The Farm,” or “Fear the Tree” on any item that is being sold or otherwise distributed in commerce, you must use artwork that includes the TM trademark designation. Please contact the Trademark Associate at (650) 723-3331 for information about licensing Stanford's trademarks and obtaining artwork with proper trademark designations.

For other questions, please contact the director of business development at or 650-723-3331.

Name Use Requests:

Requests to use the name Stanford, photographs of the university, or any of its seals, logos, or symbols in advertisements or marketing materials, press releases, movies or television programs must be directed to the Office of University Communications.

The Office of Vice President for Business Affairs reviews requests for use of the Stanford name by external entities doing business with Stanford.

For more information, please see University Name Use Requests.

Request for Stanford Promotional Items for High Schools

Q: I am a high school counselor and am emailing to request a free pennant/banner of Stanford. We are in the process of redecorating our counseling center. Would it be possible for Stanford to send us one?

A: Stanford's Office of Undergraduate Admissions may have certain promotional items available for high school career centers. Please send your request and mailing address to