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The IDEAL Learning Journey is a flexible experience to help you build awareness and strengthen skills and abilities to apply positive approaches in your daily interactions, so we all feel a sense of inclusion and belonging with the following learning components. View the invitation from our President and Provost that launched this experience. 

The journey begins with:

  • An Orientation video
  • A self-assessment so you can gain insight to your own learning opportunities
  • e-learning modules

These learning components are followed by

  • A Workshop series on Racial Equity and Allyship (two, 2.5 hour virtual and interactive workshops)
  • Open discussions to connect and share their experiences with your colleagues
  • A variety of resources (e.g., articles, videos, podcasts) to support your learning at any time

Please note that the orientation, e-learning modules, and workshops are necessary components to complete the learning journey.

System Demo

View a brief system demonstration (1:16) of how to use STARS for The IDEAL Learning Journey.

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Self-paced Learning

1.1 Orientation (25 min)

The IDEAL Learning Journey Orientation

1.2 Pre-Journey Self-Assessment (10 min)

1.3 e-learning (time varies)

1.3.1 e-learning: Implicit Bias and Its Impact (60 min)
1.3.2 e-learning: Debiasing Techniques (60 min)
1.3.3 e-learning: Managing Bias in Hiring (60 min) for people managers only


Interactive Workshops (5 hours; virtual)

2.1 Workshop 1: The Foundations of Racial Equity (2.5 hours)

2.2 Workshop 2: Allyship in Action (2.5 hours)

2.3 Post-Journey Self-Assessment (10 min)

2.4 Survey: The IDEAL Learning Journey (5 min)


Open Discussion Groups

The purpose of these Open Discussion Groups is to offer a space for learners to discuss their feelings, learning experiences and to collaborate with others as we all work on taking meaningful action in your work setting. Participation is optional.

Resources (any amount of time you wish to devote)

A curated list of resources (articles and videos) to explore that support your learning journey