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Accomplishing More: A Leadership Program for High Performance (5 part series)

Do you need to do more with less? Do you also want to develop and practice leadership skills and excel at your current and future roles? This program is designed to help you accomplish exactly that: overcoming today's information overload while developing and practicing the leadership skills that are crucial in the workplace and beyond.

In this program, participants focus on behavioral changes and initiative-taking to create breakthrough results in their teams and organizations. This program is a profound journey of personal and professional development that leads to accomplishment and happiness. It is intended to give participants extraordinary levels of self-awareness and awareness of others, which according to our latest leadership survey, are two of the most highly ranked leadership traits.

Weekly Homework:

Please note that this program includes homework. The homework is intended to help you implement the techniques and reap immediate and significant benefits in return. It is recommended that you plan on spending 30 minutes to 1 hour per week on average on the homework.

Key Takeaways:

  • Strategies, tools, and behaviors for staying focused on the desired results, and leading others effectively in today's work environment
  • Awareness of one's own personality and leadership style and the styles of others, in order to increase personal and professional effectiveness and enhance collaboration and teamwork
  • Practical methods for managing stress, mastering nutrition and using physical exercise to rejuvenate and achieve optimum performance

This course has mandatory prework; you will receive the link to the prework from the course facilitator 2-3 weeks before the course start date.

$200 course fee. Instructor: Pierre Khawand, People-OnTheGo

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